Stainless Steel Drawing Parts
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Stainless Steel Drawing Parts

Stainless Steel Drawing Parts mainly refer to the processing parts that rely on the punching machine or die and other equipment to exert external force on the plate, profile and other materials to make them deform or separate.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction of Stainless Steel Drawing Parts

In the hardware industry, the hardware processing category with high precision requirements, "precision" generally refers to the tolerance requirement within 0.05mm, including precision plastic hardware, precision stamping hardware, precision turning hardware, etc., which are widely used in electronics, clocks, aviation and other industries.

2.Product Feature And Application of Stainless Steel Drawing Parts

Stainless Steel Drawing Parts have the characteristics of material diversity, rich types, large production batch and high precision. Stainless Steel Drawing Parts have balance other direction of vibration, damping performance is high, long life, as well as good protective, solves the existing car precision metal stamping parts, the force created by the other Angle, not good to offset, the use of shock absorber performance degradation, damping effect is affected, at the same time, damage to the shock absorber itself affect the service life; Long-term exposure of the spring is susceptible to the interference of external dust adhesion, affecting its elasticity, while the spring rebound will continue to cause damage to the hydraulic device.
Stainless Steel Drawing Parts of auto parts include auto structural parts, auto functional parts, auto lathe parts, auto relays, etc.

3.Product Details of Stainless Steel Drawing Parts

The accessories of Stainless Steel Drawing Parts, including spring, spring up and down both ends fixed install a clamp block, described between block is located in the shock absorber spring inside fixed installation, between block is located in the spring of the lateral fixed installation frame, frame of internal Mosaic fixed installation has rubber sleeve and breathable mesh, the outer surface of the clamp piece of two group were fixed installation has a balancing device, The two groups of balancing devices are connected with a guide rod. The high-performance cars precision metal stamping parts, through the balance device in advance of the vibration produced by car, and make the car pressure of different direction, are absorbed by buffering pads, then force the slow transfer in internal force of the shell plate, force plate will pressure equalization, to ensure that the spring force direction vertical, can offset the vibration, guarantee the shock absorption effect, improve the use performance of device.

Stainless Steel Drawing Parts

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