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Still worrying about custom-made hoop binding? Use this to solve it.


In the current engineering construction process, we often encounter many places that need to be tied up, but we often encounter many problems that people like. When traditional hugs are often used, but the usual size of electric poles or vertical poles is needed. Different sizes of hoop, so you need to make a suitable size hoop, in order to cause a lot of trouble in construction. In this case, a cable tie is required for the user. What are the benefits? Let’s take a look at it below.

Save Costs

In the past, many companies usually needed to customize the traditional hoop bundling, but this kind of bundling scheme often caused a large increase in the cost of the company's bundling. The stainless steel strap tying scheme is very convenient and is not limited by the bundle diameter, so that the cost can be greatly reduced.

Firmly Fixed

The traditional hoop is used for binding. Since the hoop is generally made of iron, it is easy to rust over time and the bolts are easy to loosen, which poses a very big safety hazard.

The stainless steel cable tie strapping solution can provide a ton of pulling force. Even if the strapped product has an irregular shape, there will be no scattering problem. This feature also makes it widely used in municipalities. It is often used for bundling traffic lights, cameras, and equipment boxes. 

Long Fixed Time

The traditional hoop binding scheme usually needs to be replaced in one or two years. Due to the specific characteristics of stainless steel cable ties such as high temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance, and good toughness, stainless steel cable ties are generally no problem for 7-10 years.

In summary, the stainless steel cable tie is a brand-new strapping scheme, which has very practical value for many units that often have strapping needs. The use of stainless steel cable ties can not only reduce the cost of the strapping process, but also the strong pulling force of this professional strapping product can also make the equipment strapping more firmly. It plays an important role in municipal administration, street signs and traffic lights. The characteristics of stainless steel cable ties, It also allows it to be used for an extremely long time.

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