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Precautions Of Sheet Metal Shell In Daily Monitoring


Our staff in the operation of shell processing, there is a large part of the time used in the maintenance of the sheet metal shell, the staff according to the condition of the instrument shell, select the best back and forth inspection line to check the instrument shell. So if this is so important what should we pay attention to in monitoring? Here I will introduce you to the instrument shell in daily monitoring matters needing attention:

First is to check whether the indicator of the instrument housing and the instrument recording pointer is normal. This is very important in this inspection, we all know that in the use of the instrument we all know the importance of the indicator needle and the control display, to adjust the output light of the instrument and adjust the valve to be consistent. Generally speaking, to do these work is to need two staff members to check at the same time, if the range of change of process production is not particularly large, then the production manufacturing site operation is relatively normal!

Second is to check the instrument display power supply at any time,Anytime and anywhere to checkweatherthe instrument shell outside the power supply voltage indicator is in a specified range of values.

Weather the atmospheric pressureis inthe predetermined value and so on,and check the condition of the instrument again, if everything is stable, then the instrument and the instrument shell inspection is successfully ended.

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