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Product Advantages Of Stainless Steel Clamp Flexible Pipe Joint


Product advantages of stainless steel clamp flexible pipe joint:

1. Compared with flange connection form, it can save material cost 30%-70%. Besides, it's easy installation, installation efficiency increased 5-10 times.

2. Less installation equipment, low energy consumption, no environmental pollution, operators do not need special skills training.

3. Flexible pipe joint is flexible connection, the pipeline allows 0-10° deflection, effectively reduce the impact of mechanical vibration, improve the earthquake resistance, eliminate the expansion, contraction and deflection phenomenon caused by temperature changes, can cancel the expansion joint and U-shaped pipeline.

4. Rigid pipe joints provide a rigid joint like welding.

5. The pipe clamp meshes with the whole circumference of the steel pipe to prevent the pipe end from falling off within the maximum predetermined working pressure allowed by the pipe clamp.

6. The same pipeline can bear positive pressure and negative pressure at the same time.

7. The pipe clamp is easy to remove, allowing the pipe to be removed for cleaning and maintenance. It is easy to rotate the pipe regularly to remove mud or other abrasive impurities in the pipe.

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